Recipe Box

Almond bark

Arugula apple avocado salad ♦

Bulgogi- Korean Barbeque

Celery tofu stirfry with water chestnuts ♦

Chinese Broccoli with sesame drizzle ♦

Clay Pot Rice ♥

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Cornish hen stewed with sweet potato

Guacamole Pasta

Kahlua bacon jam ∗

Kale salad with plumped raisins ♥

Korean styled broccoli bites

Lebanese Lentil Soup

Lotus root meat pie ♥

Overnight Oatmeal ♦

Piri Piri Steak and Potatoes

Salmon Tom Yum Soup ♥

ShaCha beef daikon stew

Shrimp and grits

Smoked Broccoli & Goat Cheese Pizza

Taro rice balls with red beans

Three Cups Chicken ♥

♥ my favorites

∗ indulgences

♦ healthy bites


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